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With the growing COVID-19 pandemic, people and businesses are more conscious than ever of creating more hygienic habits moving forward. TOSSIBLES™ is transforming the female restroom experience by providing a sanitary and an environmentally-friendly way to toss soiled tampons, wipes, and pads with our biodegradable, disposable envelope.


TOSSIBLES™ prevent pipe clogs, which could be catastrophic during a quarantine, while securely containing unsanitary items. Use TOSSIBLES™ for wipes, tampons, and pads. If you’re looking for a way to change the way your business operates both during and after quarantine, why not choose a sustainable option that complements your restroom maintenance protocol.

We're seeking thoughtful Nebraska and Iowa companies to participate in the Pilot Program. As a participant, your feedback will help shape the future of TOSSIBLES™.


How to get started:
  • Fill out the Contact Us page

  • Receive and install your FREE items

  • Share constructive feedback

Elegant Design Possibilities

​​TOSSIBLES™ used in the Pilot Program are completely white (their natural state).


TOSSIBLES™ envelopes have full-color capability. Picture custom artwork, a specific envelope color, or a positive message as future purchase options!

Future  Dispenser Concepts

​​Dispenser examples are artistic renditions and may vary from the final design. Your feedback is invaluable during the pilot program!

Dispensers for the Pilot Program are clear acrylic and include non-damaging, removable mounting options.

​​TOSSIBLES™ Dispensers will be easy to refill and simple to clean, saving your cleaning staff precious time!

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