Rethinking Women's Restroom Disposal Options

The commercial solution for improved means of feminine hygiene disposal is here!  TOSSIBLES envelopes are a stylish, dignified, easy-to-use method of disposal that promotes facility cleanliness, delights your cleaning staff, and protects your plumbing infrastructure.  TOSSIBLES is the restroom supply that cleaning staff and janitorial distributors have been waiting for!

Women Love Simplicity

Women dispose of approximately 10k – 12k tampons each during their lifetime.  While it is common for women’s restrooms to contain signs against flushing hygiene products, tools are rarely provided as an alternative means to flushing.  TOSSIBLES is the solution to skip the flush!  TOSSIBLES envelopes are silent to use, easy to carry, structurally pliable, completely opaque, seal securely, and are made of waterproof, non-plastic material.  TOSSIBLES solves disposal of soiled tampons and even fits cleansing wipes and rolled maxi pads.  Just fill the envelope, seal it, then toss it in the bin.  Hooray!

Reduces harmful

Cleaning staffs work hard to make restrooms sparkle; however, their profession doesn't come without risks. Feminine hygiene bins are high-risk receptacles to empty and sanitize due to concentrations of hazardous bacteria, human fluids, and potential blood-borne pathogens. Female bins can also be quite unsightly due to their unsecured contents.  TOSSIBLES improves the quality of work-life for cleaning staffs by securely containing hygiene products and by being 100% opaque.

Reward Clean​

Clean restrooms make first impressions that can make or break your business! In fact, you risk losing 90-95% of your female customers if they experience unkempt restrooms in your facility. Your restrooms are a reflection of how you conduct business and of the employees themselves. TOSSIBLES helps protect both your bottom line and helps retain your valuable customers. It also shows women that you care about their restroom experiences.


TOSSIBLES helps protect the internal plumbing infrastructure of your facility thereby saving money from expensive repairs.

TOSSIBLES compliments your facility's restroom maintenance efforts by providing a sanitary appearance for which female visitors greatly appreciate.

TOSSIBLES is a quality, sustainable solution you can feel good about adding to your janitorial supply line.

TOSSIBLES makes cleaning staff rejoice by simplifying their restroom sanitation duties.

TOSSIBLES empowers women by providing additional privacy and convenience with every restroom visit.

TOSSIBLES reduces the burden on city municipalities who work tirelessly to keep our wastewater systems up and running.

TOSSIBLES enhances your image of corporate responsibility by doing the right thing by your people, your customers and the environment.

TOSSIBLES are an untapped marketing opportunity to enhance your brand by printing your logo, a custom design, or an empowering message on them.

Supplies Impact Waterways

Nearly $50B is spent annually in the United States to remove biodegradable and non-biodegradable debris from its wastewater systems. Among the biggest culprits are flushed tampons, applicators, pads, and cleansing wipes. Providing TOSSIBLES as a janitorial supply in every women’s restroom helps keep debris from entering our critical wastewater systems and waterways. 


Awareness of and concern for what goods are made of is growing among consumers.

TOSSIBLES envelopes are made without water and without trees. Instead, they're made of powdered limestone which makes them durable like stone yet they are soft like rose petals. Known as stone paper, limestone is naturally white which eliminates the use of harsh chemicals like bleach during the manufacturing process. Stone paper creates no air pollution or water pollution. It's not magic, it's science!


TOSSIBLES envelopes are made from dust and return to dust as nature intended.

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