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Convenient Bundle Packs

We're seeking companies to be Pilot Program participants! As a participant, you have the opportunity to have your voice heard! TOSSIBLES can change the world and you can be part of it!

Rewards for Pilot Program participation include:
  • Discount pricing for your test bundles

  • Post pilot program, receive one free dispenser for every four ordered (one time)

  • Exclusive discounts on future promotions

What we ask from you:
  • Fill out the Contact Us page

  • Try out the pilot products

  • Provide honest, constructive feedback

Packaging Info

TOSSIBLES envelopes are packed in easy to handle boxes of 500 with 4 boxes per case and 56 cases per pallet.


TOSSIBLES refills are boxed vertically and fit easily on a janitorial cart with less than a 5" x 5" imprint.

Looking ahead, whether you need a pallet or a dozen pallets, we're happy to help plan and strategize your facility needs!

Elegant Designs

​​Dispenser photos are artistic renditions and may vary from the final design. Your feedback is invaluable as a Beta Tester!

​​TOSSIBLES Dispensers will be easy to refill and simple to clean, saving your cleaning staff precious time!

Artwork for the Beta Test is an elegant water design representing the positive impact created by using TOSSIBLES.

TOSSIBLES envelopes have full-color capability. Picture your logo, custom artwork, a specific envelope color, or a positive message as future purchase options!

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