About Us

Lisa Gill, Founder

We envision a cleaner future where TOSSIBLES are in every purse, bathroom, and store in the country. We are determined to make TOSSIBLES a bathroom staple, just like soap, water, and paper towels.

Global Impact

In addition to removing debris from critical wastewater systems around the world, there are communities at home and abroad where women and girls struggle to get access to feminine hygiene products and education.  As TOSSIBLES continues to grow, we will begin to donate a portion of our profits towards providing feminine hygiene products to those who can’t afford them.

Hygiene is a human right.


Ladies, we’ve all been there. How often do you find yourself in this situation: you’re in a public restroom (work, school, friend’s house, etc.), and it’s that time of the month? Do you ever change your tampon in public and you're not quite sure what to do with it? Do you flush it? Throw it away? What if there’s no toilet paper or trash can? What if it doesn’t flush? Before long, a simple bathroom break can turn into a stressful event.

Did you know it’s actually harmful to both the plumbing and the environment to flush your tampon? I didn’t either. Plenty of restrooms are plastered with signs (some are simply rude) that discourage tampon flushing with no suitable alternative.

This situation can be awkward, embarrassing, and downright inconvenient. And we’ve all been there. I’ve been there. And at TOSSIBLES, that’s what we’re trying to change.

The truth is, the stigma surrounding a woman’s period results in misinformation and even environmental harm.


Unfortunately, the world is not optimized for the female period.

- Lisa Gill, Founder


TOSSIBLES are environmentally-friendly, period-friendly, custom-designed envelopes that are used to dispose of your feminine hygiene products anytime, anywhere. They’re portable, discreet, and incredibly convenient. We believe in changing “that time of the month” from a physical and mental burden to something you don’t even have to think about!

We’re disrupting the period conversation from awkward to empowering. TOSSIBLES equip every female to make her own impact with a simple and effective disposable tool for pads, wipes, and tampons.

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